Leftist Politicians Campaigned To Prevent Deportation Of Ansbach Attacker


Despite the fact that the Ansbach suicide bomber had spoken extensively about his plans to launch an explosive attack to kill Germans, left wing activists and politicians banded together to prevent Mohammad Daleel from being deported.

Daleel blew himself up outside a music festival in Ansbach, having heard he would be sent to Bulgaria after his asylum claim in Germany was rejected. Already in 2015, a psychological expert had described the Syrian as an “extreme spirit”. He was also said to have spoken intensively about his suicidal and murderous intentions.

One of the MPs who campaigned for Daleel to stay in Germany was Left party MP Harald Weinberg. Mr. Weinberg sent a letter to Ansbach requesting the town refrain from deporting the 27 year old.

“Again and again, activists helping refugees approached me, asking me to help rejected refugees,” Mr. Weinberg said, adding: “So it was in this case.”

The MP stated that while he has a “bad conscience” when thinking about the victims of the attack in Ansbach, “with the information I had then [about the case], I would make the same decision [to campaign for Daleel to remain in Germany] again today. ”

While activists and politicians worked to keep Daleel in the country, where he could prepare a deadly attack to maim and kill Germans, the actions of a festival bodyguard likely saved lives.

Pascal Böhm, guarding the music festival at which Daleel had planned to launch his deadly attack, refused entry to the Syrian.

Mr. Böhm told Bild that he was wary of the Syrian’s erratic behaviour at the festival’s entrance. He told the German tabloid that he had noticed Daleel “because he kept staring at me nervously.

“He seemed to hope that I would leave my place. He repeatedly used his telephone, he had his hand on the earpiece. Every movement seemed frantic, and he looked to see if he was being watched.”

After lingering for half an hour outside the festival entrance, without getting a chance to sneak past the guards, Daleel detonated his explosive device. Mr. Böhm told Bild that he felt the blast, and saw chairs flying through the air.

Daleel died in his suicide attack but fifteen others were injured in the explosion, including four seriously. Had Mr. Böhm allowed Daleel into the music festival, and the Syrian had blown himself in its densely packed crowd during a concert, many more would have died and been injured.

Speaking on the ordeal, Mr. Böhm said he will give people wearing backpacks, like what the Syrian wore, “a wide berth” in future.

In a video message he recorded before launching the attack, the Islamic State-affiliated terrorist warned of more attacks.

“This operation is carried out with an explosive device, but next time it will be with car bombs, Daleel promised in Arabic

“For the German people; your country kills you by their deeds. Islamic State did not start this war against you.”


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