BBC Blows Public Cash On Anti Donald Trump Programming, Tells Mexicans ‘You’re Welcome’


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has produced a comedy show dedicated to lampooning and playing up the “threat” of U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump, with no signs that a similar programme about Hillary Clinton will be made.

Posting to the BBC Three Facebook page on Monday, the organisation said: “Something’s coming. Maybe it’s Moriarty… Maybe it’s not. Sherlock: An Unpredictable Candidate. Coming soon.”

What followed was a 60-second long piece of video that contained various clips of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, randomly interspersed with clips from the Sherlock television programme. It is unclear what is humorous about the mash-up:

And the BBC also told a Facebook user from Mexico they were “welcome” to the propaganda being created by using public funds from the United Kingdom.

The unofficial Sherlock BBC en Español page reacted to the anti-Trump video: “THANK YOU!!! FROM Mexico with all our love to#Sherlock.”

BBC Three responded: “You’re welcome :)”.

But not all reactions to the clip were positive.

User Faith Byk said: “I do not find amusing.. stupid really”, while Dave Wiseman said: “Hillary version????”

Charles Edward replied: “You expect these twerps to make a Hillary version? Don’t hold your breath”, while Christopher Murchison said: “Can’t wait to see the Hillary Version oh wait they won’t because there [sic] government run and public opion [sic] no longer matters! Trump is not perfect but compared with that crooked witch he’s a saint. Everyone should go watch Hillary’s America, educate yourself.”

Dave Veey remarked: “Disgusting. I’d like to officially complain to the BBC. This is what we are spending our money on? So they can chop together cheap propaganda type clips to try and smear a brilliant candidate who is trying to fight the lobbyists, special interests and corruption? A man who is pretty much brining down single handedly the globalist agenda for the united states. Shame on you BBC. Who is producing this rubbish, their student editors..?? And how was it approved for release??”

Comments on the Facebook post are mostly negative.

Breitbart London has reached out to the BBC for comment.


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