The Anti-Brexit Brigade Is Fundraising For EU Flags To Be Waved On The Last Night Of Proms


Anti-Brexit campaigners are raising money to hand out European Union flags during the Last Night of Proms: traditionally a staunchly British affair.

Proms – known full as The Henry Wood Promenade Concerts presented by the BBC – are an eight week long, summer classical music concert series which culminates in the hugely popular “Last Night of the Proms”.

While most of the series takes place in the Royal Albert Hall, the televised Last Night of the Proms – this coming Saturday – also includes portions in Hyde Park, the crescendo of which involves the waving of (British) Union flags, as well as the singing of Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance, Rule Britannia, Jerusalem, and more British anthems.

Now, a group of anti-Brexit activists plan to crash the event with EU flags. They have so far raised £1,175 which they say they plan to use buying and handing out European Union flags to send a message to the viewing public.

The Crowdfunder campaign reads:

The Last Night Of The Proms is a fun concert with lots of flag waving to well known classical music.

As music is such an international activity that benefits greatly from our membership of the EU this event feels an appropriate venue to show UK solidarity with  the EU.

The event is televised and has a very high profile. Concert goers waving EU flags along with the Union Jack would send a message to the world and our own people about how much music lovers value the EU.

This crowdfunder is to raise money to have the flags printed. We hope to raise enough for 5000. The Royal Albert Hall holds just over 5000. They probably wouldn’t all want a flag, so any left over can be given to support other activities where they would be appropriate.  If we do not raise enough for 5000 we will order as many as possible. The unit cost is less the more you have made so it is worth going for the larger amount.

Their activities are being planned in a closed Facebook group.

A spokesman for the Leave.EU campaign told Breitbart London: “Although the thought of Remoaners singing quintessentially British songs whilst waiving an EU flag without a hint of irony does make us giggle, for most people, the Proms are a celebration of all things British and should not be hijacked to celebrate a corrupt, failed superstate.

“It’s been over two months since the vote, they need to stop being sore losers and get over it. Their constant attempts to undermine democracy are sad and getting very boring”.

The Last Night of the Proms takes place this coming Saturday, 10th September, with doors opening at 5:45pm.


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