EU Council President Finally Admits: ‘We Must Secure Our Borders’

Migrants Greece Macedonia
Matt Cardy/Getty

Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council, has slammed open borders, linking migration to the terror threat, and insisted the European Union (EU) must “never again… allow our borders to be overrun with irregular migrants as in 2015”.

Mr. Tusk echoed right-wing leaders by insisting “uncontrolled irregular migration, terrorism and fear of globalisation are three main challenges for Europe” and “securing our external borders” should be the EU’s top priority.

The comments about the 2015 migration crisis will be seen as a thinly veiled attack on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is widely blamed for “inviting” the chaos after suspending the Dublin agreement border rules.

Mr. Tusk made the remarks before a meeting with Sweden’s liberal, pro-mass migration Prime Minister Stefan Löfven on Friday afternoon.

He said the EU has many “current shortcomings” and the block and “its Member States must demonstrate our strong determination and ability to address the major concerns and worries of its citizens.”

“I have no doubt that the three main challenges are uncontrolled irregular migration, terrorism, and the fears of globalisation… they are essential for understanding the increasing lack of trust in the European Union”, he said.

“For me it is clear that our first priority must be to secure our external borders”, he continued. “I would like to see a critical number of Member States sending border guards and equipment to help Bulgaria protect its border with Turkey.

“This would be a concrete example of support to an EU country that is seeing more migrants trying to cross illegally into the EU. And it would be an important signal that we are serious and will not hesitate to act if and when needed.

“Never again can we allow our borders to be overrun by waves of irregular migrants as in 2015.”

This is a startling change of tone from EU bosses in the wake of Brexit. In 2015, countries such as Hungary, Macedonia and Slovakia were heavily criticised for policing their borders with guards and fences.

Mr. Tusk also linked the issue of Terrorism to uncontrolled immigration – as Hungarian President Viktor Orban did last week – but said that further European integration was the only solution.

“Fighting the threat of terrorism in Europe and elsewhere is another priority, and where there is no alternative to greater European cooperation and coordination.

“In Bratislava I want us to pledge that all persons, including EU citizens, that cross the Union’s external borders are checked against the relevant databases. It is a question of our security.”


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