MP Slams ‘Left-Wing’ BBC, Brexit Reporting ‘Disgrace’

BBC Brexit Debate
Jeff J Mitchell/Getty

A Conservative Member of Parliament has slammed the BBC, claiming employees who talk negatively about immigration, the EU or doubt climate change are discriminated against.

“Anyone trying it in a BBC studios would probably find that their promotional ceiling was hit fairly quickly”, David Davies told MPs during a Westminster Hall debate, the Scotsman reports.

He said the BBC’s reporting of the Brexit vote had been “an absolute disgrace” and argued that unless the national broadcaster addressed its left-wing bias it would struggle to justify using taxpayer’s money.

Mr. Davies described the BBC as “somewhat to the left of centre”, explaining:

“I’ve been in many BBC studios and canteens and I’ve yet to see anyone sitting there reading a copy of the Daily Express or the Daily Mail, loudly complaining about immigration, Brussels or suggesting that claims about climate change are somewhat over-egged.

“And yet this is a perfectly normal situation in many other workplaces”, he added.

On climate change, Mr. Davies said: “I think it’s regrettable that the BBC has accepted hook, line and sinker the so-called scientific consensus around climate change and not allowed onto the airwaves anyone who wants to question it.”

Mr Davies was joined by Philip Hollobone MP, who insisted Radio 4’s early morning Today programme had been “trying to talk this country into recession”.

He said: “Each morning on the business section of the Today programme we still get an unrelenting diet of doom and gloom about Britain’s economic prospects after the Brexit vote.

“And if anybody is trying to talk this country into recession, it’s the business section of the Today programme.

“Would you share my concern that they should grow up, accept the result, and accept the result from the British people that we want to leave the European Union and the positive benefits it will bring this country?”

Karen Bradley, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media, and Sport, is due to publish a draft version of the BBC’s next royal charter on Thursday and on Wednesday accused the corporation of a “lack of openness and transparency”.

On the same day as Mr. Davies’ scathing attack, it was reported that the new charter would force the BBC to reveal the salaries of stars paid more than £150,000 within the next year.


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