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MPs Vote To Decriminalise Non-Payments Of TV License

BBC To Snoop On Your Wi-Fi – And It’s Legal

The BBC will be deploying a new technology to spy on your Wi-Fi in your own home to see if you are watching their programmes ‘illicitly’. And they’ve been given the legal dispensation to do so.

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BBC License Fee ‘Out Of Date’, Should Be Replaced

The TV License fee, which funds Britain’s state-run BBC, should be abolished, according to a report by the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee. The group of MPs said the fee was “becoming harder and harder to justify” in a

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Non-Payment of Licence Fee to Remain Criminal Offense, Decide Lords

Non payment of the BBC licence fee will remain a criminal offence thanks to Peers in the House of Lords rejecting a government attempt to make it a civil offence. Lord Grade, a former BBC Chairman conveyed concern that there were “dark forces


Support for BBC License Fee falls Along With Viewing Figures

The increasingly controversial BBC license fee is no longer seen as good value for money by almost a half of people questioned, a poll has found. 44 per cent of people who responded to a YouGov poll for The Times