VIDEO: ‘Teacher’ and Ex-Tory Candidate Says ‘B*stard’ Who ‘Insult Islam Must Die’

A former Conservative council candidate and “teacher”, who runs a secondary school in East London, called for critics of Islam to be killed.

“O’ Bangla’s scholars, O’ Bangla’s Muslims, wake up. No son of a bastard will remain alive after swearing at my Prophet!” Mufti Shah Sadruddin ranted in a speech in London in 2013, a year before he stood for office.

Mr. Sadruddin supported George Galloway before defecting to the Conservatives. He has previously attacked homosexuals, believes in the creation of an Islamic state, and campaigned for a “mega mosque” near Britain’s Olympic Stadium.

However, these new remarks, uncovered by the Mirror, are believed to be the first time the aspiring politician has openly called for killings.

When he stood for the Conservative in Newham in 2014, his tone was very different. In the run-up to the election, he claimed: “I believe in equality, I believe in fairness, I believe in loving the human race and I hate to hate anybody.”

In an online video branded with the Conservatives logo, he describes himself as a patriotic, loyal, British Citizen, who would give his life to save this country.

His call for critics of Islam to die was made at a heated rally held in the wake of the murder of Bangladeshi blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider, who mocked Islam and challenged Islamists in the Muslim-majority nation.

In 2012, Mr. Sadruddin delivered a sermon at the London Muslim Centre where he suggested that “homosexuals”, “lesbians”, “Jews”, and even animals could not be offended, but insulting Muslims was acceptable.

In a YouTube video, he said that because Jews “have this Holocaust”, Muslims should fight for “rights”.

“We have to create a revolution for our rights. The gays can get their rights…but when Islam is being abused we can’t even save it”, he added.

The Tories were heavily criticised for letting Mr. Sadruddin stand for them in 2014, and despite his shocking record, the hate preacher still claims to be a “teacher” running the Al-Ashraaf Secondary School in Ilford.


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