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Conservatives Oust Labour in Copland By-Election

The Copeland by-election has been won by the Conservative party, beating Labour by over 2,100 votes. The Conservative’s Trudy Harrison took 13,748. Labour took 11,601 votes. Other parties included the Liberal Democrats on 2,252, and UKIP on 2,025. The race


UKIP’s Carswell Hints At Possible Tory Defection

United Kingdom Independence Party MP Douglas Carswell has hinted that after the Brexit vote the door may now be open to him rejoining the Conservative Party after his defection in 2014.


Pro-‘Refugee’ Tory Rebel Quits Parliament Over Govt. Brexit Stance

Backbench Tory rebel Stephen Phillips has resigned from parliament, citing “significant policy differences” between himself and the government. The former Tory MP, who represented the strongly Euroskeptic constituency of Sleaford and North Hyekham in Lincolnshire, has been very vocal in his