British Journalists Attacked by Calais Migrants


A British television crew has been attacked by a gang of migrants in Calais during filming, with over 20 individuals using sticks, stones, and knives to repel the men.

A report on the confrontation by Sky News’s Europe Correspondent Mark Stone reveals how last Thursday Mr. Stone and three colleagues including his producer, cameraman, and a security consultant came under attack while they were filming a group of migrants and what he called a suspected people smuggler.

The crew had been visiting one of the new camps that have emerged in northern France as the government works to demolish, once again, the notorious Jungle camp near Calais. The crew had spent some hours at the Norrent-Fontes camp, located exactly to provide easy access to passing lorries heading to Britain, interviewing migrants there without incident.

Discovering a hidden ditch by a petrol station equipped with blankets and water bottles, the crew returned at night to film how the migrants there would use the hidden position to wait for lorries stopping for fuel, before storming on board undetected. Explaining what happened next, Mr. Stone said:

As we reached the ditch area, we heard voices and were then approached out of the darkness by three men, all clearly migrants.

One asked, in broken English, what we were doing there. Extending my hand, I explained that we were journalists and wanted to see what they were doing.

The man then moved back towards the ditch. We moved forward and looked over the fence into the ditch, where 20 or 25 men were crouching. They moved up and began to chase us, lobbing rocks.

We ran back towards the forecourt and reunited with producer Andy Marsh who was with the car.

The group stopped chasing us and we thought we were safe. Foolishly though we then decided to check the footage on our camera before driving off.

A minute or so later the group returned from a different direction and armed with sticks, rocks and at least one knife.

Finding the central locking on their car had automatically activated in their absence, the group was scattered. In the following skirmish, the migrant attackers captured one Sky News camera and Mr. Stone’s producer Andy Marsh was forced to use the group’s car as a weapon, charging the illegals to scatter them.

Regrouping and escaping in their car, the group found themselves “bruised and cut” by the migrants, and having lost all their footage of the attack.

Violence has been mounting around Calais port, with groups representing the haulage industry warning it is only a matter of time until a lorry driver is killed by migrants attacking trucks heading for England.

Breitbart London reported last week on one migrant who was killed as he attacked a car going to England. The driver was unable to swerve in time and struck the Eritrean male.

Stopping to render first aid, the driver was set upon by others, and fled for fear of being lynched.

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