Canadian Tories Force Lefty Trudeau To Recognise Yazidi Genocide


The opposition Conservative party has forced the government of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to set concrete plans to help desperate Yazidis who have been the victims of Islamic State atrocities.

Member of the Canadian Parliament Michelle Rempel along with Conservative interim leader Rona Ambrose have pushed the Liberal government to recognise the genocide of the Yazidi people by Islamic State in Iraq. MPs unanimously voted to recognise the persecution of the Yazidis and officially label the actions of the Islamic State as genocide, reports the CBC.

MP Michelle Rempel has long commented on the treatment of the Yazidi people in Iraq where Islamic State has taken many young girls in sexual slavery and has repeatedly claimed the minority has been “abandoned” in favour of other migrants from the area.

After the unanimous vote, Ms. Rempel claimed to have felt “heartened” by the solidarity of the members in parliament but went on to say: “The government’s actions in the days and months to come will be the true measure of the success of this motion.”

Ms. Rempel spoke to Breitbart London and stated the Canadian government relies on the United Nations to refer them refugees and the UN refuses to look at cases by ethnicity or religion. She even claimed to have been called a xenophobe because of her passion to prioritise the persecuted minority on the list of refugees.

The total oversight of refugees by the UN is an issue of sovereignty, Ms. Rempel remarked, saying that Canada needs a strong screening process, a strong integration programme, and the country needs to assert itself rather than rely solely on UN referrals.

The motion put before the house by Ms. Rempel has four main points: to recognise the actions of Islamic State as genocide; to support the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria report and take immediate action on its findings; to state that many Yazidi girls are still being used as sex slaves by the terror group; and to plan an airlift operation for a set number of Yazidis in the next 120 days.

Opposition leader Rona Ambrose spoke before the vote at a press conference in which she talked about the numbers of Yazidis the Conservatives wished to take into Canada saying: “We’re talking about a thousand people, maybe more” – considerably fewer than the 30,000 Syrians taken in by the Trudeau government this year.

The handling of the refugee programme by the Trudeau government has been seen by many as a disaster. Lack of proper background checks has led to reports of domestic abuse by male migrants toward their wives, and adult male migrants being placed into high schools where claims of sexual harassment and bullying have been repeatedly reported. Lack of proper planning has even led to army bases being turned into makeshift migrant camps.

The migrant policy of the Canadian government has attracted international attention from populist leaders like Front National chief Marine Le Pen who slammed Trudeau on a visit to the French-speaking province of Quebec in March saying that the decision to admit 25,000 unvetted migrants from Syria was “insanity”.

The case of the Yazidis is much different than the average Syrian or Iraqi as multiple sources agree that Islamic State is systematically raping and enslaving the group. In Germany, the Yazidis who have come as refugees have had to be housed in separate homes away from Muslim migrants, who may be supporters of Islamic State, for their own safety.


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