WATCH: Obama Fan Boy Daniel Hannan Begs Americans To Vote for Gary Johnson… Or Jill Stein… Or Evan McMullin

Conservative Party Member of the European Parliament Daniel Hannan has taken to Facebook to recommend that Americans vote for 3rd party Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, famous for his steady stream of election gaffes.

Mr. Hannan – who whole-heartedly endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 – has begged American voters to cast their ballot for Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, or even independent Evan McMullin or Green Party candidate Jill Stein, stating: “The only wasted vote is a vote cast without conviction”.

The video complains that U.S. elections are too based around the two party system, with Mr. Hannan relating an anecdote about an episode of The Simpsons to illustrate his point. According to the MEP, both the Democratic nominee and the Republican nominee are running in platforms that can be summed up basically as “vote for me because I’m not the other candidate.”

He goes on to say that he, if he were American, would vote for third party candidate Gary Johnson who is running for the Libertarian Party. Mr. Hannan claims that unlike the two main candidates Johnson wouldn’t “talk in a way that would embarrass your children,” but many would claim that is all Mr. Johnson is famous for in this election cycle.

Starting with his infamous angry tirade against a journalist who asked him his policy on dealing with the issue of illegal immigrants Mr. Johnson has made a series of bizarre and often angry gaffes. The former governor of New Mexico demanded that Townhall’s Guy Benson call illegal immigrants “undocumented” and became enraged when the conservative host refused. Mr. Benson calmly explained that if they were entering the country illegally, they were by definition illegal immigrants.

The next big gaffe for Mr. Johnson came on a MSNBC segment in which he was asked about foreign policy and what he would do to fix the situation in Aleppo, Syria, a large driver for the migrant crisis. Governor Johnson asked “what is Aleppo?” stunning the panel with his admission of ignorance.

A similar moment, which Mr. Johnson himself tried to explain as another “Aleppo moment” came in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews who asked him simply who his favourite foreign leader is. He was unable to think of anyone until his vice presidential pick and former Massachusetts governor William Weld answered the question for him.

Daniel Hannan has made no bones about his opposition to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in the past.

The MEP, considered a darling of the Conservative Party and a frequent visitor to Washington, D.C., made his position clear on Donald Trump, but baffling to supporters when he said, “I just about get the appeal of @jeremycorbyn – decent, honest chap, if mostly wrong. But Donald Trump? Can someone help me out here?”


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