WATCH: U.S. Election Video Warns of a Future ‘Islamic State of Germany’

A video produced by a conservative advocacy group in the United States is sparking outrage in Germany as it warns of the consequences of unchecked mass migration from Islamic countries to the Western World.

American conservative advocacy group Secure America Now has sparked controversy by releasing a new video showing the “New Kultur of Islam” in Germany, a clear allegory for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s policies on mass migration.

The short clip appears as a mock travel advertisement highlighting a fictional future in which Islam and Islamic State have taken over. It invites new travelers from overseas to come and experience the new Islamic State of Germany, reports Die Welt.

German media have already taken to calling the group and the video “xenophobic” because of its controversial content.

On the ‘about’ section of their website, Secure America Now claims to have formed after the announcement of a mosque that was going to be built in New York City in the area in which the 9/11 attacks took place.  “After nationalizing the issue and defeating the plan–Secure America Now was created to protect these values from future attacks,” they write.

The migrant crisis over the past year in Germany has led to over a million new arrivals mostly from the Middle East and North Africa including members of Islamic State. The satirical video proposes a world in which Islamic State has been able to take over Germany and is the latest in a series of “travel films” created by Secure America Now.

The narrator of the film, who has a strong German accent, tells how the Syrian migrants and others were initially sleeping in train stations, but thanks to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi it is now the native Germans who sleep in train stations and on the streets, with the migrants now “able to live as they deserve to live” enjoying everything that Germany has to offer.

The travelers are then welcomed to see the sites of Germany with a noticeably Islamic twist. Oktoberfest is “now pork and alcohol free”, Cologne cathedral has been converted into a mosque, and the Brandenburg gate is adorned with an Islamic State insignia combined with a German flag.

The visuals of the Brandenburg gate recall the protest by the anti-Islamisation Identitarian youth movement who hung a banner on the world-famous structure earlier this year. The right-wing youth movement’s banner read “secure borders, secure future” – very much in the same vain as the American conservative group’s message.

According to spokesman Josh Canter, the film is one of a series which is meant to convey what Europe would look like after four years of a Hillary Clinton presidency. Canter confirmed that a film on the United States would be released shortly.

The group hopes to target swing-state voters through social media to tip the balance in favour of conservative candidates in local, state, and presidential elections.

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