Syrian Migrant Sentenced for Attempted Murder of His Three Children By Defenestration


A Syrian migrant man was sentenced to 15 years in prison in Germany after it emerged that he attempted to murder three of his own children by throwing them out of a window.

A court in Bonn sentenced  a 35-year-old Syrian man to 15 years behind bars after shocking details emerged of the attempted murder of his own children.

The Syrian, who lived at an asylum home with his children and wife, became enraged that his wife refused to submit to him as she had done in their native Syria and threw their children out of a window in a fit of rage, Der Spiegel reports.

Prosecutors in the case demanded that the Syrian be put in prison for a life sentence, while the defence asked for a much more lenient sentence, accepting that the man would have to serve some prison time.

While the three children, two daughters aged one and seven along with a son aged six, survived the ordeal, all suffered serious injuries. One of the daughters, in particular, is still in a serious condition following the incident.

The verdict and sentencing marks the end of the trial which began in early September.  At the beginning of the trail, the Syrian migrant burst into tears in the courtroom and claimed he felt “terribly sorry” for his actions.

His lawyer, Martin Kretschmer, claimed that the actions were a result of “ideological differences” between the Syrian and his wife. Prosecutor Florian Gessler accused the Syrian of committing the vile act to “punish” his wife who wanted to experience the freedom of their new country.

According to the prosecutor, the 35-year-old father is said to have thrown his seven-year-old daughter out of a first-floor window, where she suffered major injuries including a skull fracture and cerebral hemorrhage. The five year old son was thrown from a bathroom window received several fractures to his skull and a broken arm and the youngest daughter, only one year old, luckily landed on her brother and suffered only minor injuries.

Migrant violence toward spouses and children is not unheard of in German asylum homes. Earlier this year another Syrian migrant brutally killed his own wife after a heated argument, going on to play with their children afterward as if nothing had transpired.

In Berlin a 45-year-old migrant attempted to kill his wife by burning her to death, but instead lit himself on fire, including a large portion of the asylum home in which they lived, killing himself in the process.

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