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Calls for Christian-Only Asylum Homes After Muslim Violence

A Vienna based NGO has called for separate asylum homes for Christians who they say are the victims of Muslim intimidation and violence. The call for separate accommodation for Christians in Austria comes from the Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination

Christian Refugees

Christians Live in Fear, Hide Faith In Migrant Camps

Christians in migrant camps in Germany say they are forced to hide their faith from Muslim migrants who threaten and abuse them. A migrant known as ‘Dena Kasravi’ from Iran fled to Germany to escape persecution for her Christian beliefs. After


Muslim BBC Chief Says ‘Of Course’ ISIS and Islam Are Related

Responding to the theory that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam, the head of the BBC religion section told students this week that people need to come to grips with the “uncomfortable” truth that the Islamic State terror group draws its inspiration from the religion of Islam.

Aaqil Ahmed

Pakistani Man Kills Sister For Voting

An angry brother shot his elder sister dead because she voted in Pakistani local elections after he tried to forbid her from doing so, police said Wednesday. The murder occurred in the town of Taxila 25 kilometres (15 miles) west

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