WATCH: Masked Man Films Himself Carrying Islamic State Flag Across German Border

A masked man holding an Islamic State flag has filmed himself walking straight across the German border to highlight the lack of security checks.

YouTube user Vlad Tepes said he published the video to show how “pathetic” border control is between Germany and Denmark.

“A Danish citizen dressed up in Islamic State gear, flag and fake gun to show how pathetic the border is between Germany and Denmark,” the blogger wrote.

The video shows a man dressed like an Islamic State terrorist walking through the countryside, across what appears to be a remote German-Danish border crossing.

After crossing the border, the man gestures a gunshot and pretends to slit his throat.

“We test border controls. Can an Isis terrorist cross the border unnoticed?” the uploader writes.

“Border controls were non-existent. Do you feel comfortable with our open borders?”

The video comes in the wake of the Berlin Christmas market attack, in which German officials were criticised for allowing killer Anis Amri to flee the country undetected. The attacker was able to slip across at least two international borders within the European Union without being stopped and checked.

He was eventually killed in a shootout with police in the Italian city of Milan.

The ease with which the most wanted man in Europe was able to cross international borders unhindered has raised serious questions over the European Union’s Schengen agreement, which abolished passport checks across continental Europe.

Speaking to Breitbart News Daily on Friday morning, former American UN ambassador John Bolton, said Germany had lost control of its borders.

“That is precisely the kind of freedom of movement in Europe that the pro-Schengen advocates wanted.”

“Just because you can go between Maryland and Virginia just as if you’re travelling within Maryland, it doesn’t mean the Europe is ready for that, and yet this is what they’ve exposed themselves to,” he added.


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