Migrants Jailed After Woman Abducted At Gunpoint, Gang-Raped In Hookah Bar Basement


Two of seven suspects in a case of abduction and violent sexual assault have been jailed for four years each by a Swedish court, with the others released for lack of evidence.

The two so-called “stateless refugees” — so identified because they arrived in Sweden without identification papers and consequently can’t be deported — have been jailed for the rape which took place in Malmo, Sweden in March 2016.

While the Swedish court has not identified the criminals, Sweden’s Fria Tider (Free Times) has named the jailed men as 28-year-old Khaled Azez Hegrs and 23-year-old Tareq Bakkar, both of no fixed address. It is reported the men are from Kuwait and Syria respectively, and neither speak Swedish without a translator.

The court heard how the 23-year-old female victim was kidnapped at Gunpoint in Helsingborg, reports Swedish daily newspaper Expressen, before being driven 60 kilometres south to Malmo. The men covered the security cameras covering the basement of a Shisha-coffee shop in the city before taking the woman below  — where she told officers other migrant men were waiting.

The men were described as having “exhibited particular ruthlessness and brutality”.

While the victim told police the men took turns in raping her either singly or in pairs and using threats of violence, the force was only able to secure convictions of two of the seven suspects. Even this was considered a good outcome by police, who said in a statement this week:

“It’s good we found forensic evidence, it can be difficult [to find] sometimes. On some fabrics for instance, it can be difficult to find traces of semen.

“We had good cooperation with all involved — analysts, forensics, and the National Forensic Centre technology group. We have also had good communication with the prosecutor and it is good that there has been a conviction”.

The two convictions achieved were made on the strength of DNA traces found on a carpet in the storage basement of the Shisha bar, CCTV camera images, and witness statements. In addition to the jail sentence, they will also have to pay 264,400  Swedish Kronor (£24,000) compensation to the woman.

After the conviction, it was revealed the younger of the two criminal migrants already had a conviction for making unlawful threats and violence, reports Expressen.

The charges of aggravated rape and abetting rape against the other five men was dropped due to lack of evidence.


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