Care4Calais Boss Had Affair With Migrant Conman Known To Have Faked Syrian Identity

Carl Court/Getty Images
Carl Court/Getty Images

Care4Calais founder Clare Moseley had a year-long affair with Tunisian conman Mohammed “Kimo” Bajjar, who is known to have tricked another British woman into marrying him, it has emerged.

Moseley, who left her husband and family to assist migrants attempting to sneak into the UK from the infamous, illegal settlement known as the Jungle, had the affair despite her organisation enforcing a strict policy banning relationships between migrants and volunteers, The Sun has reported.

Moseley first came to the Jungle in 2015 to deliver clothes for the ‘Stand Up To Racism’ group, which is allegedly a front for the scandal-hit Socialist Workers Party.

She stayed and set up her own group, Care4Calais, writing in The Guardian that she couldn’t “imagine living my normal life, going to restaurants, parties, without thinking about how people here need help.

“I left behind my business and my husband and family. It’s been hard for them, but they know it’s something I just have to do.”

The 46 year-old began her reported affair with Bajjar, 27, despite a strict ban on sexual relations between volunteers and migrants. The toyboy is a well-known conman, having been in the news before for tricking a British mother-of-two into marrying him, and attempting to blag his way into the UK while posing as a Syrian fleeing the Islamic State.

An acquaintance of the pair described the alleged affair as “sickening”, given that Moseley “has been so vocal about volunteers not having sex with migrants.”

Moseley is said to have ended the affair “fearing [Bajjar] had conned her out of thousands of pounds”. The Tunisian was even arrested on suspicion of stealing the former accountant’s phone on January 6th, with Moseley said to be worried that he would expose their affair to her husband.

Moseley previously courted controversy when she said that hauliers victimised by migrants should simply find new jobs.

“If they have to change their jobs it is not the end of the world,” she told the BBC.

Migrants regularly ambush lorry drivers near Calais, blocking roads and battering vehicles with missiles in order to slow them down. The attackers can then leap aboard and cut their way inside with knives.

In November 2015 a Czech driver was very nearly killed when a wooden stake sharpened into a makeshift javelin was hurled at his cab, piercing the windshield. British drivers say it is “only a matter of time” until a driver is killed, with one man telling the BBC Today Programme that Moseley is “a silly woman”.

“Unfortunately, I don’t do this for fun,” he said, responding to her comments on vulnerable drivers finding alternative work. “I do this to provide food for my kids and my missus at home.

Earlier in the month, top security expert Henry Bolton agreed with terror watchdog David Anderson that Britain’s “porous” borders are vulnerable to returning Islamic State fighters and other terrorists, with the situation made worse by European Union rules and regulations.


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