Pamela Anderson Visits Migrant Camp That Turned Away Marine Le Pen


Former Baywatch star and Playboy magazine model Pamela Anderson made a surprise visit to the same migrant camp in Dunkirk, France, that refused to allow Front National leader Marine Le Pen to enter.

The Canadian-born actress said that the conditions at the Grande-Synthe camp left her “speechless”. Anderson, who is an active member in many charities and organisations like the controversial animal rights activist group PETA,  met with the leadership of Utopia 56 that runs the camp during her brief visit Wednesday, L’Express reports.

Anderson was at the camp on behalf of PETA delivering children’s books, hats, gloves, and food. On Twitter, she described the visit as, “helping asylum seekers deserving of protection”.

After the visit, the 49-year-old wrote on her blog about her experiences at the camp saying, “I’m speechless. I’m so angry. The children are so lovely and polite. I gave out blankets, hats, gloves, fruit, coloring books and crayons,” and added, “Some were so fearful they wouldn’t get a blanket or crayons or an apple — It was chaos. I’ll never forget today.”

The Dunkirk migrant camp was built shortly after the closure of the infamous Calais Jungle camp which had become a haven for drug dealing, violence, and sexual attacks. Victims of attacks included not only asylum seekers but often the pro-migrant activists who were trying to help them.

Before the Jungle’s closure, British celebrity Lily Allen made headlines after she said, “I apologise on behalf of my country. I’m sorry for what we’ve put you through,” to migrants living in the camp. The statement outraged many on social media.

The new migrant camp is the first in France to meet international humanitarian standards and while many migrants who had previously lived in the former Calais Jungle had come to Grande-Synthe, many others left for Paris where they now occupy a large area around the Stalingrad metro station.

The camp was also in the news earlier in the week for refusing to allow Front National leader and French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen into the camp after she turned up unannounced. Ms. Le Pen said she gave no warning to the organisers so that they would not be able to hide problems from her and denounced the leadership when they would not let her in.

At a press conference later in the day, the populist leader slammed local politicians for their handling of the migrant crisis and said, “We tell immigrants that we don’t want them to come to France, but at the same time, we encourage the ones that are here to stay!” and added, “What’s more, we are facilitating their illegal entry into the UK by setting up camps near the border”.

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