Facebook ‘Fake News’ Censor Correctiv Funded By Soros, Staffed By Left-Wing Establishment


Correctiv, the allegedly non-partisan “fake news” censor working with Facebook in Germany is funded by groups linked to left-wing billionaire George Soros and the establishment media.

A new investigative report from anti-mass migration NGO Einprozent has revealed who is behind the new organization employed by Facebook to report and censor what they consider to be “fake news.”

According to the NGO, Correctiv is largely staffed and funded by those who were formerly establishment journalists, many of them writing for left-leaning publications. They say that the top donor to Correctiv is the Brost Foundation, set up by the former head of the publishing company FUNKE Media Group, Erich Brost. The foundation has given €925,000 to get Correctiv off the ground.

Mr. Brost is also the former employer of Collectiv’s CEO, David Schraven, who worked as a leading researcher for Funke group until 2014 and previously worked at the far-left paper Die Tageszeitung or TAZ.

The chief editor of Correctiv, Markus Grill, meanwhile has worked for both the left-wing magazine Stern, which last April associated anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany supporters with Nazis, and magazine Der Spiegel which has run a series of covers and articles directed against U.S. President Donald Trump.

€114,000 has been donated by the Dutch organization The Adessium Foundation which works on climate change and environmental issues and is openly funded by George Soro’s Open Society Foundation. Soro’s Open Society Foundation has also given €26,884 directly to Correctiv.

George Soros and the Open Society foundation have been linked to the funding of pro-migrant campaigns to promote Somali migrants in the past, and have spent money on trying to influence the elections of various European Union countries in favour of left-wing open borders parties, with the aim of destroying populism.

All the money pouring into the organization has led to comfortable salaries for the two men in charge of Correctiv. According to the report, David Schraven earns in excess of 9,000 euros a month and Markus Grill earns over 7,000 per month, salaries far larger than that commanded by average German journalists.

In January Correctiv released a report on ‘alternative media’. Every media platform listed was to the right of centre, calling into question their claims of being independent and unbiased.

The German government has also been devising ways to crack down on what they regard as “fake news” before the 2017 federal election, setting up what Interior Minister Thomas De Maiziere has called a “defence centre against disinformation.”  Many have criticized the move and likened the centre to an Orwellian Ministry of Truth.

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