SHOCK VIDEO: Muslim Racially Abuses ‘Pork Eating’ Polish Male, Strikes Woman

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A shocking video of a Muslim man apparently racially abusing and physically assaulting a couple has caused outrage online, but has failed to trigger much interest from Police or the mainstream media.

The video, which went viral Friday morning after being shared on Twitter, appears to show a male with a heavy Polish accent being called a “pig” and “son of a bitch”, and a woman being spat at and struck by a man in traditional robes.

London’s Metropolitan Police said they were “monitoring this thread should further info come to light” on Twitter, but “as a minimum requirement” needed to know the location of the incident before it could be reported as a crime.

The license plates of both a hatchback and taxi involved in the incident are clearly visible in the footage.

The video seemingly shows the aftermath of a traffic incident. A man in traditional Muslim dress with a northern accent says, “yeah, kurwa [polish for whore] your mum you son of a bitch!” to the Polish-sounding man.

“I’m f*cking in the country you pr*ck. F*cking knob head,” he also rants.

Next, he confronts a woman filming the confrontation and takes a photo of her. “Get that fucking phone out of my face before I smack it one, you son of a bitch!” he yells at her.

Turning back to the towering Polish man, he continues: “Look at you – you eat pork and you look like pork, you fucking pig – you fucking pussy!” he yells.

“This is racist,” the man responds.

“I called you a pork bastard, I didn’t call you a white bastard,” responds the Muslim man.

“Race or religion based, mate,” the man retorts, as the Muslim man backs away from him and turns to assault a woman.

He first prepares to spit on the woman, only to dribble on himself, before lashing out and knocking the phone off balance, yelling “fucking move it then!”

The woman screaming in distress, “don’t touch me!” as the footage ends.


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