Swedish Police Officer: 10 out of 11 School Rioters Were Migrants


Swedish police officer Peter Springare claims 10 of the 11 youths arrested during a school riot in the Swedish town of Hallsberg came from migrant backgrounds.

Police officer Springare wrote a long post on Facebook related details of the school riot which took place on Monday.

“I can only refer to what we are investigating right now in my team,” he wrote. “A large number of people perpetrated a fierce attack on the school as well as [against] the police. Students had to take shelter in the school, and the school was closed. We managed to arrest 11 people there, 10 were of foreign origin and one person of Swedish descent.”

Springare went on to write about the effect of mass migration on Swedish schools. “I trust the whistleblower who almost daily alerts about the conditions in schools,” he noted. “Teachers…regularly leave because of burnout and anxiety or fear for their jobs.”

On the subject of asylum seeker children in schools, he said there was “data on unaccompanied refugees who are not enrolled in some schools but still go there to eat and harass students. There are testimonies of threats, abuse, and sexual assault causing schools to close temporarily. There are the pushing and sale of drugs in schools. It is not me who says this, but teachers and principals who are themselves working in these schools.”

Springare made headlines early February after writing a similar Facebook post about how many crimes were being committed by foreigners. He received a massive backlash, and charges for hate speech were levelled against him but later dropped. Police have also accused him of hacking their computers after he published migrant crime statistics in a local paper.

In this week’s Facebook post, Springare again told of the various crimes during his week at work, along with the origin of the suspects thought to be involved.

He wrote:

Extortion, 2 arrested, Swedish descent
Attempted murder, one arrested, foreign origin
Violent riots 11 detained, 10 foreign origin, 1 Swede.
Aggravated doping offence, 1 arrested, foreign origin.
Trafficking / extortion, 1 discredited. foreign heritage.
Murder, 1 suspected expatriate descent.
Rape case, seven rapes, one suspect, a foreign entity.
Unlawful imprisonment, one suspect, a foreign entity.
Attempted murder yesterday in Karlskoga. Milimetres and seconds from two murders. 1 arrested, foreign origin.
Rape, 1 suspect, a foreign entity.

Addressing his critics, Springare said: “These are the facts.”

“I just feel so sorry for the victims who hide behind these cases. I can say that the majority are, themselves, immigrants. This fact makes me no Nazi or racist.”

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