Swedish Muslim School Forces Gender Segregation for Students

AP Photo/Mahesh Kumar A.

A Muslim school in Sweden is forcing girls to the back of its school buses with one Swedish expert comparing the move to the racial segregation in the American south during the civil rights era.

The independent Islamic school Al-Azhar has come under fire after television programme Cold Facts revealed the school is segregating boys and girls on its school buses. The programme showed boys and girls entering the buses through separate entrances with the boys at the front and the girls at the back, but the segregation between the sexes did not end there, Expressen reports.

During school prayers, the boys and girls are placed in separate rooms and are kept apart during physical education classes. The school commented and said that aside from those classes, most other classes were mixed.

Seeing the treatment of the girls on the buses, the programme attempted to confront the principal of the school, Hussein Ibrahim. Mr Ibrahim refused to answer any questions about the segregation and ultimately threatened to call the police on the journalists.

Graduate student in social work at Umeå University Devin Rexvid compared the treatment of the girls to the treatment of African-Americans during the Jim Crow era. “Where that was based on colour, this is based on sex,” he said.

Cold Facts also reported on no-go zones in Sweden and how many Swedish women no longer feel safe living in the heavily-migrant populated suburbs. One woman, 31-year-old Marie, claims there are self-appointed “morality police” in her area who enforce Islamic rules.

Marie told the programme that one evening a group of men showed up at her apartment building and yelled at her, calling her a whore.

Eventually, Marie left the area. “When they threw cobblestones at me and my dogs and screamed that they would burn my dogs” is when she decided to move, she said.

The story of Marie matches that of feminists who have fled no-go zones like the Stockholm suburb of Husby. Former Left Party politician Zeliha Dagli described the same kind of “morality police” in her area who harassed her and made her feel unsafe.

Last month, a report emerged saying the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) were using political correctness in Sweden to create a “parallel society” according to their radical Islamist ideology. The report claimed,”MB’s activists pose a long-term challenge in terms of the country’s social cohesion”.

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