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Inspectors to Interview Girls Wearing Hijabs in Primary Schools

School inspectors will speak to primary school girls wearing hijabs to ascertain why they are covering their hair, amidst concerns children as young as four are being forced to wear the garment by schools or their parents to protect their ‘modesty’.

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Dozens of Islamic Schools Remain Open Despite Extremism Concerns

Dozens of Islamic schools are still operating despite Ofsted inspectors finding that the schools are “unsafe”, with children being exposed to extremist ideas as well as being unaware of British values, it has emerged. Many more schools have never been inspected at all.

Islamic Schools

Luton Islamic School Reported After Putting Female Teachers Behind Screens

An Islamic school in Luton has been reported to Britain’s Education Secretary and the equalities watchdog, after teachers insisted on segregating themselves from the opposite sex behind a screen, even as an inspection took place. Ofsted, the government inspector, has previously found