Front National MEP Praises ‘Courage’ of Britons and Brexit In EU Parliament

AP Photo/Jacques Brinon

Front National (FN) Secretary General and French MEP Nicolas Bay hailed Britain in the European Parliament saying that he “saluted the courage” of the British people and Brexit.

The Front National MEP gave a speech alongside several other pro-Brexit MEPs including Harald Vilimsky of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) on Wednesday in the European Union parliament.

“Dear colleagues, first of all, I would like to salute once again the courage of the British people,” Mr. Bay said.

“They managed to vote against the prophets of doom who said that Brexit would bring chaos. Yes, British democracy – one of the oldest democracies in the world – has managed to overcome all of the forecasts of the globalised technocrats who are dominating in Brussels and Paris.”

The French MEP went on to address European leaders, like Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Loefven who threatened to make Brexit negotiations “more difficult” over UK plans to lower corporate tax rates. “There is no point in threatening the British. It’s in all of our interest this should [be] a soft exit with respect and calm,” Bay noted.

He also addressed critics who say the UK is leaving Europe saying: “The UK is not leaving Europe, it’s leaving the European Union. A supranational body that has been built without the support of its people and even against them, making our nations powerless at the expense of the multinationals.”

“For too long now people have called for an end to bureaucracy, the attacks on democracy, the ideologies which damage our interests,” he noted and spoke of a Europe of sovereign nations, a frequent theme of the presidential campaign of Front National leader Marine Le Pen.

“Europe, our Europe, has existed for thousands of years, and it’s you who are destroying it. We need to rebuild it through useful cooperation between sovereign nations, giving back people their freedom,” Bay said.

Ms. Le Pen has also praised Britain leaving the EU and as expressed support for a similar referendum in France if she becomes president in May.

Mr. Bay has also worked toward building bridges for Le Pen and the FN in Israel, visiting the country earlier this year. Bay met with several Israeli leaders to open a dialogue and counter the previous image of the party when it was led by Jean-Marie Le Pen.

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