Marion Le Pen ‘Guarantees’ Front National Will Repeal Gay Marriage if Elected


If elected president, Marine Le Pen will repeal France’s gay marriage laws, the Front National candidate’s politician niece Marion Maréchal-Le Pen has vowed.

Speaking on BFMTV Sunday, the young Le Pen said she would personally ensure her aunt follows through with the pledge if elected on 7 May.

“It will not be the first priority, but … [repealing gay marriage] is a promise that we will stick to, and I will personally guarantee that this bill is demolished,” the MP for Vaucluse said.

Proposal No. 87 of the presidential candidate’s programme for France promises to repeal gay marriage without cancelling same-sex unions which have already taken place.

“The Front National will replace the provisions made under the Taubira law [the bill enabling people of the same sex to wed, named after Justice Minister Christine Taubira] with civil unions,” it reads.

Le Pen stressed the Front National are also determined to honour other pledges outlined within proposal No. 87, such as the promise “to reserve PMA (medically assisted procreation) as a tool to treat fertility problems”, which would restrict the treatment to heterosexual couples.

The bill to legalise marriage between homosexual couples was originally set to provide taxpayer-funded treatment to extend PMA to women living together as partners, a measure still demanded by LGBT activists and prominent left wing figures in France.

“And similarly, we will also oppose the legalisation of surrogate mothers, and the circumventions of the [laws against surrogacy] that take place,” Le Pen added.

The Front National candidate’s globalist rival in the election, Emmanuel Macron, backs gay marriage and has previously said he is in favour of extending the right to PMA to lesbian couples.

Macron was last week slammed as “anti-family” by French conservative group La Manif pour Tous (“Protest for Everyone”), who said the establishment favourite in the presidential race places money above people.

The organisation, which was responsible for protests in which hundreds of thousands of people turned out to protest gay marriage in 2013, released a statement describing Macron as an “openly anti-family candidate” and urging their supporters not to vote for him.

A victory for Macron would result in “civilisational upheaval” and create “new injustices and inequalities for women and children”, according to the pro-family group.


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