Illegal Somali Immigrant Awarded Compensation for ‘Unlawful Detention’ Brutally Beats Woman


Violent Somali immigrant Abdi Yusuf, who is set to receive compensation from the British government for being “unlawfully detained” whilst awaiting deportation, was jailed in June for beating a woman.

Forty-one-year-old Yusuf, who has a history of violent assault, had been detained following a previous jail term because he was considered at high risk of absconding and reoffending.

But a High Court ruled the migrant was eligible for damages for being detained unlawfully at an immigration removal centre pending deportation. The judge said that much of the time spent in custody awaiting deportation was justified – but the final six months were unlawful.

After being released, the Somalian, who has ten convictions for 20 offences and has served prison sentences for actual and grievous bodily harm, brutally beat a woman, reports The Daily Mail.

The compensation ruling came a few weeks before Yusuf was due at Stratford Magistrates in east London to stand trial for the assault. Yusuf failed to attend the hearing and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

The trial went on in his absence and the court heard how Yusuf and his co-accused, Cali Bashir, 48, had beaten the woman.

On a 999 recording, a female university student pleaded with the call handler. “Two men are hitting her,” she said, and described how they they had started undressing her and “pushed her against the railings”.

The student added: “She has got blood on her and one of the men is saying he is going to knock her out. They are saying they are going to kill her.”

The judge described the recording as “the most distressing 999 call I have heard in some time”.

In absentia, Yusuf was found guilty of assault. It was by chance that authorities managed to catch him as he was later arrested over a separate offence a few days later.

Yusuf, who had come to the UK legally in 1989, has been fighting to stay in the UK since completing a four-year jail sentence for assault in 2012, the jail term serving as an automatic trigger for removal of legal status and deportation back to Somaliland.

Scotland Yard said Yusuf was sentenced to six months in prison on the 12th of June, his jail term likely to push his deportation to next year.

This is not the first case of a violent criminals in the country illegally receiving compensation for unlawful detention.

In 2015, Breitbart London reported that an illegal immigrant, who was convicted of sexually abusing two women on a train, was set to receive up to £7,000 because he was kept in jail for ‘too long’ as officials tried to deport him.

And earlier this year, £27,000 was rewarded to an illegal migrant convicted for attempted rape because he was held in immigration detention for too long whilst the authorities tried, unsuccessfully, to deport him.

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