Gordon Ramsay: Brexit Will Force Lazy UK Bosses to Invest in British Talent


Brexit will shake Britain out of laziness, according to Gordon Ramsay, who argues that curbing the “influx” of migrants will give “homegrown talent” a chance to shine.

The celebrity chef said ending access to a limitless supply of labour from across the European Union (EU) after Brexit could boost the restaurant industry and create opportunities for British workers.

“That level of influx of multinational workers in this country has sort of confirmed how lazy as a nation we are  —  when individuals from across the seas are prepared to come and work twice as hard for less money,” he told Radio Times.

“If anything, it’s a big kick up the a*** for the industry, and it’s going to get back to the modern-day apprenticeship.

“So not only do I welcome that kind of change, but I think it’s going to put a lot more emphasis on homegrown talent, which I think we need to do.”

In his interview with the weekly entertainment magazine, Ramsay also took aim at fellow chef Jamie Oliver, who campaigned for Remain and blamed the closure of six of his restaurants on Brexit.

The Michelin-starred chef said: “No disrespect, but we’re chefs, not politicians. When you breathe that stuff down the public’s throat and say, ‘I’m leaving if we have Brexit’, then, I’m sorry, the door stands open.

“Stand for what you say. Sadly, the only time he opens his mouth is when he’s got something to promote.”

Speaking in September about leaked Brexit proposals on EU migration, Oliver said he doesn’t believe curbs on EU labour will ever be implemented.

The Essex chef argued that the entire hospitality industry would immediately collapse under draft plans to cut the number of unskilled workers, which includes the requirement that businesses recruit locally unless they could show an “economic need” to employ Europeans.

He told LBC: Most farms where you pick food, most restaurants, hotels and hospitals employ a very large proportion of European workers and we would all close down next week if we didn’t have them.

“Part of me thinks it ain’t all going to close down, farms, restaurants, hotels and the hospitals most importantly, they’re not going to close down.”

“So what we think might happen can’t happen and then I guess it comes about the rules of the game.

“I’m watching in amazement really, but the truth is nothing is going to happen because those businesses will not close down.”


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