‘Never Underestimate the Power of the Dark Side’ — Globalists Want to Mould All Nations in EU’s Image, Warns Orban


The Hungarian prime minister has warned that “the forces of globalism are banging on the door” of Central Europe, “the last migrant-free zone” in the continent.

Fidesz leader Viktor Orbán said his government wants “a secure, fair, civic, Christian, and free Europe”, but that eurocrats and mass migration advocates were working hard “to turn us Hungarians into Homo Brusselsicus” — Brussels Man.

Speaking on the anniversary of the 1956 uprising against the Soviet-backed Communist regime outside the House of Terror museum — formerly home to the Communist secret police — Prime Minister Orbán warned: “In the 20th century, it was the military empires that caused trouble. Now, it is the financial empires which have risen with the slipstream of globalisation.”


The Prime Minister told the assembled crowds that they should not “underestimate the power of the dark side”, but to take heart from knowing that the “Hungarians are the people of freedom … a special nation of freedom”.

He added:

“They said [in 2010] it was impossible to send the IMF home. They said it was impossible to make the banks accountable. It was impossible to impose tax upon multinational companies. It was impossible to reduce utility costs. They said it was impossible to provide jobs to everyone, that it was impossible to resist migration, and that it was impossible to stop the migrant invasion at our borders via a border fence.”

The 54-year-old, who played a role in the fall of Hungary’s old Communist regime himself, said that the Hungarian experience since 2010 proved that despite the odds seeming to be stacked against him and his Visegrad partners, “we can stop migration, keep globalisation in check, curb Brussels, sabotage the plan of the financial speculator” — a clear reference to billionaire open borders activist George Soros — “and we can put a straitjacket on the insane idea of a United States of Europe.”

Europe’s peoples will soon see, he said, if its nations will be able to revive the fantastic culture that thrived and shaped Western civilisation before multiculturalism.

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