Brexit Is ‘the Humiliation of Britain’, Says Soros-Backed Migrant Charity Boss David Miliband

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Britain should have another Brexit referendum before the nation completes the already considerably delayed process of leaving the European Union, and to do any less would be the death of democracy, David Miliband has said.

Former Labour politician and failed party leadership candidate turned president of the International Rescue Committee migration charity David Miliband has slammed Brexit, calling it a “humiliation”, in an interview with The Sunday Times.

Making clear he not only thought Britain leaving the EU is a mistake, but that the negotiating process was being badly handled by remain-supporting Theresa May, Miliband — the son of a Marxist academic and author — said the prime minister had “bent over so far backwards to prove she’s no longer a Remainer that she’s ended up looking ridiculous”.

Explaining he believed the nation needed a leader of sufficient calibre to deal with Brexit, the former Labour MP, who was defeated to become leader of the party by his brother, Ed Miliband, said: “She’s obviously not a very good prime minister… And she’s not very good at being prime minister at a time that Britain really needs a good prime minister.”

As for Brexit itself, Miliband called it “the biggest threat to the unity and prosperity of the UK since the Second World War”, “the humiliation of Britain”, and said he wanted to see a second referendum because “democracy cannot be allowed to die on June 23 2016”.

Britain voted 52-48 to leave the EU, but a number of pro-remain voices including the OECD and former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair have called for another referendum, giving the British people a second chance to stick with Brussels.

Perhaps remarkably for a left-wing globalist who moved seamlessly from Britain’s parliament to a global charity which assists refugees and migration, when it is put to Miliband by the newspaper that Labour’s open borders policies while in government laid some foundations for the successful Brexit vote in 2016, he conceded the point, remarking: “Many more people came to the UK than we expected.”

Miliband, who compared himself to his friend, failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as someone who is “probably better at government than at politics”, continues to work hard to enable and encourage mass migration, despite his admission of having let too many people into Britain during his time in government. In January, Miliband was among the first to criticise President Trump’s immigration policies, and slammed the U.S. for vetting potential refugees.

In 2016, when liberal billionaire George Soros announced he was to give $500 million to migrants and refugees, he named Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Rescue Committee, of which Mr. Miliband is president, as close allies who would help him to guide his investment.

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