German Military Planners Prepare for ‘Conceivable’ Collapse of European Union by 2040

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The European Union could collapse in the next few decades, according to a leaked confidential report by the German armed forces which looks at potential future trends within Europe.

The secret strategic document, entitled “Strategic Perspective 2040”, was created by the German military, the Bundeswehr, to project possible scenarios in the coming years and the 102-page document lists the breakup of the EU as one of them.

The Bundeswehr Planning Office, which authored the document, puts forward a variety of political trends that could see EU enlargement abandoned, a halt to globalisation, and even seeing more EU member states renounce their membership in the political bloc, Kronen Zeitung reports.

The end result of the scenarios could “dramatically change” the current political and security situation in Europe, according to the authors.

One of the most striking trends over the course of the migrant crisis has been the Central and Eastern European nations’ unwillingness to take in massive amounts of migrants despite directions from the EU.

Nations like Hungary and Poland have both made it clear they have no interest in mass migration and some leaders, like Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, have directly defended historic European Christian traditions and values.

A scenario in the report called, “West to the East” addresses concerns over a potential splitting off of the eastern European member states saying they could halt EU integration and said that other countries could follow and join the new “Eastern Bloc”.

The report also notes that “extremism” could increase over time.

Both far-right and far-left extremism has increased in the aftermath of the migrant crisis with far-right plots uncovered in France targetting politicians and a massive surge of left-wing radicalism and violence that saw hundreds of police officers injured at the recent Hamburg G20 summit.

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