Soros NGO: EU Urged to ‘Pump Funding’ into Left-Wing Groups Because Public ‘Duped’ Into Opposing Mass Migration

Refugees from Africa and supporters hold a banner reading 'We remember the vicitms of Lampedusa' as they participate in a demonstration on October 23, 2013 in Hamburg, Germany
Patrick Lux/Getty Images

The European Union (EU) must “pump funding” into left-wing education to counter fears that progressive policies threaten the continent’s “safety, prosperity and cultural identity”, according to an NGO set up by globalist financier George Soros.

“The EU appears powerless to halt the rise of the far right,” writes Israel Butler, advocacy head of Civil Liberties Union for Europe  — an organisation founded with money from the open borders-backing billionaire, in a piece for Euractiv.

Pointing to recent populist victories in the Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany, he says Brussels must take action or else see “progressive governments … end up in a powerless minority, outmanoeuvred by the zombie of right-wing populism chomping its way through the EU”.

“But there is still hope,” writes Butler, a former senior policy analyst at Soros’s Open Society European Policy Institute, going on to suggest that the EU “borrow[s] from its foreign policy and fund NGOs to build support for its fundamental values among the general population”.

“Any country preparing to join the EU sees Union funding pumped into supporting NGOs that promote rights, democracy and the rule of law, and funding to support independent media,” he explains. “All the EU needs to do is copy these models inside its member states.”

While acknowledging that populist parties have been coming into power in Europe “because they have sufficient public support”, Butler says the “problem” is that “a significant proportion of the voting public” has been “duped” into believing that progressive policies are “jeopardising their safety, prosperity and cultural identity”.

Much of the blame for this lies with the media, according to Butler, who said that not enough has been done to insulate Europeans from learning about the negative effects of multiculturalism and mass migration.

“Oligarchs with political agendas” who seek to push “far-right, xenophobic and nationalistic” views dominate ownership of the media, he writes, claiming that news coverage in Europe is characterised by “sensationalist fearmongering”, as a result.

Contrary to the picture painted by Butler, there is a whole raft of NGOs, regulatory frameworks, training programmes for journalists, and other initiatives dedicated to purging the media of any news that could be unflattering to newcomers or other minorities, which are highly influential in Europe.

A study published earlier this year suggested that work by pressure groups like the Media Diversity Institute  — a “watchdog” which demands the media censor terror attacks so as not to fuel anger among Europeans  — is bearing fruit.

It found that mainstream media coverage in Germany of the migrant crisis was entirely uncritical of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to open the border to more than a million unvetted migrants from the third world, and actively promoted pro-mass migration rhetoric.

Butler’s claim that right-wing governments in Poland and Hungary are “trashing democracy”, and his assertion that democratic support for right-wing parties is an affront to democracy, echoes a report published earlier this year by Freedom House.

“Democracy is more than just elections”, the Soros-linked NGO claimed in its report, which branded the democratic elections of Law and Justice (PiS) in Poland, and Fidesz in Hungary, “counter-democratic transitions” and a “menace”.


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