Britain’s Establishment Parties ‘Unclear’ on Brexit, Says New Poll

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Voters find the main political parties positions on Brexit unclear, according to a new poll conducted for the Left Foot Forward political blog.

The general public were left “in the dark” on the subject of their political representatives on Brexit, Left Foot Forward reports:

Voters are in the dark about the main parties’ positions on Brexit, with around half saying the three main parties’ stances are unclear.

The BMG Research poll for Left Foot Forward found that just 28% of voters think Labour’s Brexit stance is clear (to 54% who think it is not very clear/not clear at all).

37% of current Labour voters say Labour’s stance is somewhat or very unclear (to 53% against).

However, the picture is not much better for the Conservatives – 36% of the public believe their stance on Brexit is clear, while 46% believe their position is not very clear or not clear at all. 65% of current Tory voters believe their stance is somewhat/very clear (to 28% against).

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