Takeover: Migrants Found Their Own Political Party in Notorious Swedish No Go Zone


A self-described “stateless” Palestinian migrant has formed a new political party in the heavily migrant-populated Swedish city of Malmö.

The party, named the New Coalition Collection (NKS), was founded and is lead by Palestinian migrant Hussam Alkoblawi along with a number of other migrants to Sweden, 24Malmo reports.

“I have been in Sweden for 30 years and have followed developments in Swedish society since then. I see all the differences that have arisen and we notice that recently the gap between foreign and Swedish citizens has grown bigger,” Alkoblawi said.

“Our goal is to create a harmoniously functioning society no matter what origin it has. It’s about bringing something new into practice. There are many politicians who write very good slogans and ideas, but in practice, there is something missing,” he added.

According to the party’s official website, which is also in Arabic, the core focus will be the integration of newly arrived migrants by pumping more resources into the Swedish migration board, teaching migrants skills before they become “alienated”

The party is also committed to “stopping geographic segregation and preventing the creation of residential areas in which some people groups constitute the majority of the area,” which some have blamed for the rise of parallel societies and no go zones in Swedish city suburbs.

The party have also vowed to tackle the rising levels of violent crime which have been particularly prevalent in the Malmo suburb of Rosengard. Police have even been targetted by the violence, with a police station in the area being bombed last month.

Migrant-led parties are not new in Sweden. Last year the Jasin party, which catered toward Muslim and migrant voters, was shut down after reports that it had been infiltrated by radical Islamic extremists.

In Austria, members of the Turkish migrant community formed the New Movement for the Future (NBZ) last year to run in the national elections which were held in October. The party failed to win any seats in the parliament.

However, another party led by Turkish migrants broke through in the Netherlands last year, winning seats in that country’s parliament for the first time.

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