Ten Bullet Holes Found in Swedish Police Station Attacked Overnight


Police in the Swedish migrant-majority town of Södertälje discovered ten bullet holes in the local police station thought to have been attacked by an unknown assailant on early Monday morning.

The shooting occurred at the town’s police station, located about a 30-minute drive from Stockholm, overnight, according to investigators. Police spokesman Sven-Erik Olsson said the holes were likely from bullets but that he could not make a definitive comment until technicians had examined the scene, Aftonbladet reports.

The bullet holes were discovered at around 8:45 am Monday but are thought to have been fired closer to 3 am. Police received a phone call at 2:52 am from someone who described hearing what sounded like gunshots, Olsson said.

When asked how police in the area had not been aware of the attack at the time, Olsson said: “It’s a local police area, I’m not aware of how it is manned.” Police later stated that the station had been left totally unmanned overnight.

Staff shortages have been a major issue for the Swedish police in recent years with reports in 2016 claiming that 80 per cent of officers were considering a career change and that many others had already left the force due to pay issues and safety problems.

In the troubled migrant-populated Järva area in Stockholm, the last remaining police station was forced to close its doors due to a lack of officers to staff the station.

Attacks on police in Sweden have also increased in recent months following the bombing of a police station in Helsingborg in October which was described as an attack on democracy by Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

Just over a month later in November, police officers in Uppsala were attacked by a man who threw hand grenades at a police vehicle. The 20-year-old was later arrested and no officers were injured in the attack.

In January, another police station, in the heavily migrant-populated city of Malmö, was bombed, destroying much of the façade of the building and damaging several vehicles. No officers were injured and two men were arrested.

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