Transgender Previously Jailed for Manslaughter, Attempted Rape, Invited to Speak at House of Lords

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A transgender activist who was jailed for killing a partner and for the brutal attempted rape of a female shopkeeper was invited to speak at the House of Lords, it has emerged.

Karen Jones, who was born Mark Jones, was asked to give a speech in Britain’s upper chamber on how the country’s criminal justice system can better serve prisoners who “identify” as the opposite sex, the MailOnline revealed on Tuesday.

MailOnline revealed the invitation to the event was extended by Lord Narendra Patel, who chairs the Community Innovations Enterprise, a body which lobbies the government on issues relating to “diversity”.

A spokesman for the Bradford baron said the cross-bench peer was fully aware of Jones’s criminal past, telling the Mail: “’As far as we are concerned she has done her time and paid her debt to society.

“The event she gave a speech at was aimed at raising awareness of transgender issues in the criminal justice system so why shouldn’t she take part.”

Speaking at the January 23rd reception, Jones reportedly told the House of Lords: “I was given the male uniform, even though I had long hair and I had to wear this beautiful corned beef jumper.

“There was thankfully a doctor there who was really caring and understanding, and I started on my hormones in 2003.”

In 2001, Jones was jailed after the then 18-year-old admitted to strangling and suffocating former partner Michael Cutler, wrapping his body in a sheet and duvet, and leaving it in the utility room of the couple’s shared flat in Manchester.

Discovered three weeks later, the body was so badly decomposed that pathologists were unable to determine the cause of death.

Having served less than half the sentence, Jones was released from prison on licence in 2002, but was soon arrested for an attack on a female member of staff at Transformations, a shop which caters for crossdressers.

Just five days after exiting jail, Jones assaulted a shop assistant, shoving her into a back room in the Greater Manchester store where he forced an orange into his victim’s mouth, punched her in the face and tried to rape her, aborting the attack only when he failed to get an erection.

The Evening Standard reported that Jones had “lashed out” upon release and was “angry” that the victim — who had feared for her life during the violent attempted rape — was female while he was not.

Handing Jones a life sentence at Bolton Crown Court, Judge Derwent Hope argued the defendant posed “an extremely serious risk to any member of the public he associate[s] with, a risk that could easily lead to that person’s death”.

But the convicted killer’s legal team argued the attack was a cry for help, borne out of frustration that authorities had failed to give him a full sex change, so Jones was moved to a women’s prison in 2009 despite Ministry of Justice warnings that the transfer would set taxpayers back an extra £80,000 per year for segregation costs.

As Breitbart London has reported, political activists on the left have been at war with one another for a number of months over government plans to let people “self-identify” as the opposite sex.

In November, a feminist charity questioned legal implications of the plans and their effect on women’s safety, releasing a report which asserted that almost half of transgender inmates in UK prisons are sex offenders.


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