Kassam in Paris: Reveals Eurostar Death Threats During ‘Fake News’ Awards Keynote

Breitbart London Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam has told an audience in Paris that the establishment does not just want to crush populism as an idea – it wants to see its supporters dead.

Kassam was speaking to a packed theatre for France’s annual fake news awards — the Bobards d’Or — at the invitation of host Jean-Yves Le Gallou, the veteran political activist and former member of the European Parliament who has been organising the event for a decade.

Le Gallou’s awards, which lampoon the biased and often misleading reporting of media elites both in France and around the world on subjects such as the migrant crisis, were an inspiration for U.S. President Donald Trump’s own fake news awards, which he distributed via Twitter in January.

Kassam praised Le Gallou for his important work with the Bobards, earning cheers when he suggested that President Trump might consider erecting a statue for him in the U.S. alongside other great friends to America like the famous Marquis de Lafayette.

He also described his time working for Brexit campaign leader Nigel Farage — who also earned a cheer from the conservative, eurosceptic crowd — and how his connection to Farage, once discovered by a loudmouthed, middle-aged, upper-middle-class white woman who shared a table with him on the Eurostar from London earlier that same day, cause her to explode that he was a “racist” and a “bigot” and that if she had her gun with her she would “eradicate him on foreign soil” once they arrived in France.

The woman had indicated she turned a handsome profit by taking advantage of low-wage EU labour and was unhappy that she would now have to invest in better pay or in automation, and that the “racist rump” of Britain had spoiled things for “intelligent people” like her.

She was incensed that Kassam — as a “brown man wearing a shirt” — could have the audacity to oppose the European Union, or that he should have any objection to uncontrolled mass migration as she could tell he was not English “just by looking at you”. (Kassam was born in Hammersmith, London.)

She voiced her support for global free movement, indicating the Columbian employee she was travelling with as her key argument in favour of it — a gambit which ended in embarrassment when he was asked what his native country’s policy on open borders was and he described how the country’s infrastructure is struggling to keep up with an influx of Spanish  and Venezuelan migrants.

Kassam also slammed the Russia-Brexit inquiry chaired by Damian Collins MP, and how it descended into farce after it was revealed that the allegedly Kremlin-linked Internet Research Area — thought to have played a key role in the social media debate surrounding the referendum — had, in fact, spent less than a dollar on Facebook adverts over the course of the campaign.

Conservatives the world over have become familiar with the establishment tactic of using the Russian bogeyman as their excuse for failing repeatedly at the ballot box in recent years, with Vladimir Putin credited with the success of not just the Brexit vote, but the election of President Trump, and the success of conservative and populist movements all over Europe.

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