Rampage Syrian Teen Migrant Stabs Man, Smashes Windows

Policemen stand in front of a house at the Neu Zippendorf district in Schwerin, northeastern Germany, where a 19-year-old Syrian man suspected of planning an Islamist bomb attack was arrested on October 31, 2017. The man, identified only as Yamen A, was held at dawn by special forces, suspected of …

An 18-year-old Syrian migrant went on a two-hour rampage in the German town of Hagenow, throwing beer bottles at bystanders, smashing shop windows, and stabbing an Iraqi man while shouting “Allah hu Akbar!”

After two hours, the Syrian had committed a total of five different crimes, including the stabbing of a 26-year-old Iraqi, before police were able to subdue him using an irritant gas, SVZ reports.

Police say that the 18-year-old violently resisted arrest, attempting to kick the officers who were placing him into custody. The entire rampage ended at around 10 pm on Friday night, having started at around 8 pm.

The teen is also said to be well-known to local law enforcement and the rampage is not the first time the Syrian has been in trouble with the law.

The rampage comes only a month after a similar series of attacks in the Austrian capital of Vienna where an Afghan migrant stabbed a family of three who were leaving a restaurant and then went on to stab a Chechen migrant whom he accused of getting him addicted to drugs.

The asylum seeker later confessed to police that he was behind the attacks and claimed the reason for the unprovoked stabbings had been the fact that he was in a “bad mood” at the time.

In 2016, another Syrian asylum seeker went on a much deadlier rampage in Reutlingen when he stabbed a woman to death and injured several others.

Rampages involving large groups of migrants are also becoming more common in Germany. Late last month, a group of more than 50 men from migrant backgrounds attacked each other in the city of Duisburg with various weapons including iron bars, machetes, and bats.

The conflict was described as a case of inter-ethnic violence between the Lebanese, Turkish, and Kurdish communities in the city. Inter-ethnic violence between Kurds and Turks occurred previously in the city in 2016 when Turkish ultranationalists clashed with Kurdish counter-protestors.

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