Danish Populists to Assist Swedish Populists in Election Campaign

Kristian Thulesen Dahl, party leader of The Danish Peoples Party celebrates after the election in Copenhagen on June 18, 2015. Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt resigned as Social Democratic party leader after a record score for an anti-immigration party lifted the opposition right-wing bloc to victory. Denmark's anti-immigration Danish People's …

The Danish People’s Party (DF) has announced that for the first time they will support the election campaign of the Sweden Democrats (SD), as the two parties share many of the same concerns on migration issues.

Kristian Thulesen Dahl, leader of the Danish People’s Party, praised the Sweden Democrats and leader Jimmie Åkesson, in particular, saying: “I think Jimmie Åkesson does a very good job. It is completely insane that the other parties in Sweden do not talk to him and the Sweden Democrats,” Expressen reports.

Åkesson and Dahl met in the heavily migrant populated city of Malmö and were escorted around some of the city’s more troubled no-go neighbourhoods, including the notorious Rosengård suburb, protected by police and bodyguards from Sweden and from Denmark.

In his book, No-Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You, Breitbart London editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam went to several no-go areas across Europe including a paying a visit to Rosengård. 

The DF was more reluctant to co-operate with the Sweden Democrats under prior leader Pia Kjærsgaard, due to allegations of SD members being connected to the far-right scene in Sweden.

Unlike his predecessor, Dahl has praised the SD, saying that Åkesson had done a “good job” to take the party to a place in which it was taken seriously by a large section of the Swedish electorate.

According to polls, the Sweden Democrats are particularly popular with young people. A recent study showed that the party came first among Swedish voters aged 18 to 34.

The Sweden Democrats have expressed support for several initiatives proposed by the DF, including introducing curfews in troubled no-go zones and the proposal to demolish migrant ghetto areas and relocate migrants in order to help them integrate, rather than form parallel societies.

The SD stance on crime and on migration, the latter considered the number one issue in the election, has been largely welcomed by Swedish voters. A poll following a recent leadership debate showed voters agreeing the most with Åkesson on both issues, which ultimately led to him winning the debate overall.

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