Danish People's Party

Denmark Begins Enforcing Controversial Migrant Law

Denmark has begun confiscating large amounts of cash and valuables from migrants in order to help fund their housing, healthcare and food. The controversial “Jewellery Act” proposed late last year stirred controversy worldwide after some compared the move to Nazi practices


Danish People’s Party Wants An EU Referendum For Denmark

The influential leader of Denmark’s populist anti-mass migration party has called for a referendum on his own country’s membership of the European Union (EU), hoping for similar concessions to those demanded by the British government. Kristian Thulesen Dahl — the leader of Denmark’s


Danish Anti-Immigration Party Expects Further Migrant Curbs

Denmark will probably tighten its asylum policies further, the country’s influential anti-immigration party said Wednesday, a day after lawmakers passed a controversial bill allowing authorities to seize valuables from refugees. The Danish People’s Party (DPP) has already reached agreement with


‘Danish UKIP’ Politician Opposes Capital’s Third Mega-Mosque

The Islamic Society in Denmark (ISD) has announced the proposed construction of a new mosque in Copenhagen’s Nordvest district, drawing opposition from the Danish People’s Party. The Islamist group is aiming to fund construction with private “no strings attached” donations of £7.5 million (80