Berlin: Muslims Attack Jewish Teen for Playing Israeli Music

BERLIN - NOVEMBER 16: Passenger crowd onto an U-Bahn underground train during a railroad strike November 16, 2007 in eastern Berlin, Germany. The GDL, the German locomotive drivers' union, is in the second day of a nation-wide strike that for the first time is simultaneously affecting the freight, commuter and …
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A Jewish Israeli teen and two of his friends were attacked by several Arab Muslims on the Berlin subway on Saturday for listening to Hebrew-language musician Omer Adam, it is claimed.

The incident occurred at the Zoologischer Garten U-Bahn station, near the site of the deadly Christmas Market terror attack that occurred in December of 2016 in which 12 people were killed by radical Islamic extremist and failed asylum seeker Anis Amri.

According to 17-year-old Yonatan, the Arabs, who claimed to be originally from the Gaza strip, approached him and his friends after hearing the Hebrew lyrics of Israeli Omer Adam’s song which was playing on one of the teen’s mobile phones, bestselling German tabloid Bild reports.

According to the teen, the Muslims shouted at them: “Music in Hebrew? For 70 years you have killed children. Berlin is our city now and here we do not listen to dirty Jewish music.”

“If I had a knife, I would have killed you … if I see you again, you are finished,” one of the Muslims is said to have added.

When the two friends tried to intervene in the argument, they were attacked by the group of Muslims, according to Yonatan, who said one person was hit in the face while another was attacked with a piece of a glass bottle and had to be sent to a nearby hospital.

The alleged incident would be just the latest in a series of anti-Semitic attacks in the German capital. In April, an Arab-Israeli dressed as a Jew in an attempt to see if it were true that Jews were persecuted in the city. He was attacked by a Muslim asylum seeker who whipped him with a belt, with the entire attack being caught on video.

According to a report from the German newspaper Tagesspiegel earlier this year, the number of anti-Jewish hate crimes in Berlin has doubled between 2013 and 2017. Other reports claim that in schools derogatory phrases such as “you Jew!” have become common in schools with high concentrations of migrant-background pupils from Turkey and the Middle East.

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