WATCH: Mother Heckles Mayor Khan on Knife Crime at Public Event, ‘We Don’t Feel Safe’

London Mayor Sadiq Khan

London’s Labour Mayor has been shouted down at a public event, with a mother explaining she and her son do not “feel safe” in his city.

Sadiq Khan refused to take responsibility for the massive violent crime wave sweeping London, once again blaming the Conservatives and calling the Government “anti-London”.

The crowd did not accept his excuses and the Mayor was “booed by the audience as he finish[ed] his speech” as the people were “very angry at the level of crime in London”, LBC editor Theo Usherwood reported.

“There are no bobbies on our street, Londoners don’t feel safe, our communities don’t feel safe,” the unidentified woman shouted at the LBC State of London event, to loud cheers from the crowd.

She added: “You give me statistics Mr Khan, but for me as a parent, I’m telling you, we do not feel safe. We do not feel safe in London and we want you to do something about it!”

Responding to her, the Labour Mayor replied: “We have raised council tax to the maximum the laws allowed us plus used business rates to help the police.

“So £140 million over the last two years – the most they’ve received from a Mayor ever over two years. But the problem is it’s £140 million when [the Government] has taken away £720 million.”

He added: “It is the case we have the most anti-London government we’ve ever had in history, and I’m afraid Londoners are paying the price.”

The event was heated throughout, reflecting the tensions in the city, and earlier two men were escorted out of the building after behaving aggressively and appearing to threaten the Mayor.

The men, reportedly supporters of jailed activist Tommy Robinson, called the Mayor a “disgrace” and called for him to resign.

The Mayor hit back on Twitter, writing: “Good to see the politics of hate and division roundly rejected by Londoners once again last night at @LBC’s State of London debate. Our city will always stand strong against those that seek to divide us.”


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