Sweden: New ‘No Go Zone’ Police Station Rammed by Car, Attacked by Masked Arsonists


A new police station currently under construction in Sweden’s heavily migrant-populated ‘no-go’ suburb of Rinkeby was attacked by several masked men who drove a car into the site and set it on fire.

Police believe that the attack, which occurred at 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday, was directed at the police station which is in the process of being built in the troubled Stockholm suburb. They claim the masked men involved smashed a gate with a car filled with fireworks which they then proceeded to set on fire, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

Investigators added that the men also threw rocks and fireworks at the security guard on site and say that the attack may have been sparked by a drug bust which occurred in the area earlier in the evening.

“It may be related to it. It is not entirely uncommon for reactions to such a thing,” said President of the Stockholm police Lars Byström.

Mats Tapper, the production manager for the police station building project, said that he was relieved no one had been injured in the incident and vowed to review safety procedures to prevent a similar attack from occurring again.

The attack is not the first hurdle for the new police station in Rinkeby. In March of last year, many cast doubt on how long it would take to complete the project as no construction companies seemed willing to take on the job, citing potential danger to their employees.

“It would have to be guarded around the clock. This is because not only is there the risk of theft, but also the danger and threat to staff who will be working on the construction project,” an officer who wished to remain anonymous said at the time.

The attack is also just the latest attack on a police station in Sweden including the bombing of a police station in Helsingborg last year that caused shock across the country.

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