Sweden: Police Vehicle Set on Fire Outside Police Station in Latest Attack


Only one day after a police station under construction was attacked, another Swedish police station was targetted by unknown persons who set one of the police’s vehicles on fire.

The attack occurred at a police station in Hisingen, which makes up part of the city of Gothenburg, in the early hours of Wednesday morning, and saw several unknown suspects set fire to a police van parked outside of a local police station, Göteborgs-Posten reports.

Peter Nordengard, commanding officer at the Western regional police, said that the police were informed the vehicle was on fire just after 2 a.m. and that a fire crew were dispatched immediately to put out the blaze which he said was able to be contained so that it did not spread to any nearby buildings or vehicles.

No suspects have been caught so far and. Commenting on the motive behind the attack, Nordengard said: “We do not know why they do this.”

The suspected arson comes only a day after unknown masked individuals rammed a car into the construction site of a new police station in the heavily migrant populated “no-go” area of Rinkeby in Stockholm which they then set on fire. The individuals who perpetrated the attack also threw fireworks and rocks at security guarding the site.

The project to build a new police station in Rinkeby has faced setbacks in the past when the city found it difficult to find a construction company willing to take the job on due to the perceived safety issues in the area.

Over the past year, there have also been several other attacks on both police stations and police vehicles including an incident in November in which a man was arrested after reportedly throwing a grenade at police cars in Uppsala.

Earlier this year in February another police station, in the migrant-majority municipality of Södertälje, was also attacked overnight with police finding ten bullet holes in the building. The shots were thought to have been fired overnight while there were no officers present in the station.

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