Swedish Mass Car Fire Suspect Arrested in Turkey


A 19-year-old suspected of taking part in the massive wave of car fires that took place across Sweden earlier this week was arrested by Turkish police Wednesday, as even more fires were set overnight in various parts of the country.

The 19-year-old is believed to have been involved in the fires that occurred in Västra Frölunda, a borough of the city of Gothenburg, but it remains unclear whether or not he will be extradited to Sweden, SVT reports.

Christer Fuxborg, police spokesperson in the Western Region praised the cooperation between Swedish and Turkish law enforcement that led to the arrest but added, “it may take some time,” before the 19-year-old is sent back to Sweden.

Despite the fact that the attackers all wore masks Fuxborg said that police were able to view CCTV footage from further outside the area of the attack before the men put on their masks, leading to identifications.

The arrest comes after two other young men, aged 19 and 20, were also arrested in connection with the fires.

Over Tuesday night several more car fires broke out in various parts of Sweden, though not on the same scale as the attack earlier this week which saw dozens of cars set on fire. Police say that three cars in Gothenburg and one in Borås were set ablaze.

Police chief officer Johan Ljung argued that the most recent fires looked far less coordinated than those from Monday night and that police were not looking at any possible gang connections at the present time.

The scale of Monday’s attack shocked and angered many in Sweden, including the country’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven who commented on the incident saying, “I’m getting pissed off – really! My question to these people is what the hell are you doing?”

The arson attacks come less than a month after a police van was set on fire in Gothenburg and another attack in which masked “youths” rammed a car into a police station construction site in the Stockholm no-go area of Rinkeby and set the car they used to break down the gate on fire.

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