WATCH: Farage Tells EU May’s Deal Will Fail in Parliament, Demands Renegotiation

Nigel Farage has told the European Parliament that Theresa May’s deal “will fail in Parliament and probably fail by a very big margin,” calling it a terrible deal for the UK.

Addressing the bloc’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier directly in the chamber, the former UKIP leader blasted: “You say that this is the only possible deal, but this deal isn’t going to be accepted.

“So perhaps we all need to grow up and recognise that there is a strong chance now of the UK leaving, on March 29th, with a [World Trade Organization] ‘no deal.’

Mr Farage has consistently said that a clean exit, without a trade deal, would not be a bad outcome for the UK, but added: “We need a negotiated deal to deal with sensible border issues.”

He asked Mr Barnier if he was “prepared” for the proposed deal to fail in the House of Commons, accusing him of “assuming” British politicians would accept it when they would, in fact, reject it.

Earlier in his speech, given Wednesday night, Mr Farage highlighted why the deal was so bad for the UK by joking that is was a “great” deal for the EU.

He said it is a good deal for the bloc as “it involves large transfers of money,” will “maintain free movement of people,” and “keep Britain inside the Customs Union and stuck with the EU rule book.”

“And crucially… there is the ‘backstop’,” he added: “Which means, of course, the United Kingdom can be held, effectively as a hostage, for many years to come.”

“It’s a good deal for the European Union – for the UK , I think it’s probably the worst deal in history.”

“Its game set and match” to the EU, he continued, telling Mr Barnier: “I bet you can’t even believe your luck, that you came up against a British prime minister who met every single demand.”


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