Petition for ‘No Deal’ Brexit Overtakes Petition for Second Referendum

No Deal

The official petition for a “No Deal” Brexit has surged ahead of the petition for a so-called “People’s Vote” to reverse Brexit.

The petition, which calls on the Government to abandon Theresa May’s “worst deal in history” with the EU, stop “wasting Billions of pounds of taxpayers money trying to negotiate in a short space of time [sic]”, and leave the bloc cleanly on World Trade Organization (WTO) terms, racked up tens of thousands of signatures in a matter of hours, and is still growing.

“The EU will be more eager to accept a deal on our terms having lost a major partner,” the petitioner argues, alluding to the fact that Britain will become the EU’s number one export market once it leaves, and that European exporters’ share of the British market will be under threat as its ex-member begins striking new trade deals with countries like Australia and the United States.

The “No Deal” petition has rapidly outstripped a rival petition to “Grant a People’s Vote if Parliament rejects the EU Withdrawal Agreement” — a “People’s Vote” being Remainer parlance for a re-run of the 2016 referendum, in which the option of a clean Brexit may not even appear on the ballot paper.

The movement for this second referendum has been funded and organised in large part by the Hungarian-born American billionaire George Soros, a convicted insider trader once reviled as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” but now embraced as a “philanthropist” for his work funding open borders activism.

The “People’s Vote” petition is also behind a third petition to “Stop [a] possible second referendum on EU membership”, despite Remainers’ insistence the public mood has swung in their favour.

The Government issued a response to the petition opposing a second referendum promising that the 2016 result would be upheld, and that failing to do so “would be to undermine the decision of the British people, and to disrespect the powerful democratic values of this country and this government.”

“17.4 million votes to leave the European Union. This is the highest number of votes cast for anything in UK electoral history. This was the biggest democratic mandate for a course of action ever directed at any UK Government,” the response concedes.

It also acknowledges that in the 2017 snap General Election, “over 80 percent of people… voted for parties committing to respect the result of the referendum — it was the stated policy of both major parties that the decision of the people would be respected.”

Despite this clear commitment, however, there are concerns that EU loyalists within Theresa May’s Cabinet are currently plotting to reach out to Labour MPs and arrange for a second referendum to be held anyway.

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