Hungary: New Campaign Warns EU Planning to Flood Bloc With Migrants

Hungary Juncker Soros

Eurocrats including the Commission president are working hand-in-hand with George Soros to flood the bloc with migrants, Hungary is warning citizens in a new poster campaign ahead of EU elections in May.

A poster unveiled by the government this week features a message stating people in Hungary have “the right to know what Brussels is preparing”, superimposed over an image of globalist multi-billionaire George Soros alongside one of a laughing Jean-Claude Juncker.

“The government is launching an information mission on the Brussels plans for immigration,” prime minister Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz party announced on Facebook, declaring that “everyone has the right to know” about plans underway in Brussels which, if implemented, would “fundamentally endanger Hungary’s safety” according to Budapest.

Proposals highlighted by the campaign include the launch of “experimental migration projects with African countries”, plans to “ease [illegal] immigration with migrant visas” and draft budget rules which would financially penalise EU nations which refuse to resettle, food, house and clothe uninvited migrants from the third world.

Brussels reacted with outrage to the posters, with spokesman Margaritis Schinas blasting the allegations from Hungary as “shocking”, and “a ludicrous conspiracy theory”.

“Hungarians deserve facts not fiction”, the Commission said in a Facebook post, which asserts that there were “zero plans for ‘humanitarian visas’” — despite the fact EU Parliament approved the proposal in December, as reported in an official press release entitled “Humanitarian visas to avoid deaths and improve management of refugee flows”.

Hungarians deserve facts not fiction. The Hungarian government campaign beggars belief. It is shocking that such a…

Posted by European Commission on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

While Brussels went into almost no detail on why the campaign should be considered what Schinas insists is “fake news”, a piece published in the globalist Guardian attempts to paint Hungary’s claims as false, setting out to ‘debunk’ the government’s assertion that Brussels wants “to weaken member states’ rights to protect their own borders” with the assertion that “EU leaders have repeatedly stressed their desire to strengthen Europe’s borders in recent years”.

But Orbán has previously warned that plans to ‘strengthen’ the bloc’s border agency, Frontex’, with moves that would also see Brussels handed additional control over member states’ asylum policies, amount to the denationalisation of frontier protection in a bid to force asylum seekers on patriotic eastern and central nations.

The Guardian also said it was “not immediately clear what the Hungarian government meant by ‘migrants’ visas’”, before suggesting that the campaign might have been alluding to the EU’s “little-used blue card scheme”, which the newspaper describes as an initiative “to attract skilled labour” despite the Commission offering funding to countries receiving these supposedly “highly skilled” migrants from the third world, with the admission that many will require “education, employment and vocational training”.

Opening up channels for mass migration “has been a priority of the Juncker Commission from the very outset”, stated a Brussels state of the union press release on “enhancing safe and legal pathways to Europe” last year.

As well as looking at efforts to expand the Blue Card scheme by making it “more attractive” to people from the world’s poorest countries to move to Europe, and at the various refugee resettlement schemes promoted by Brussels, the document also highlighted work to encourage mass migration specifically from Africa.

“The Commission calls on Member States to fully engage and cooperate on developing pilot projects with African countries and with other non-EU countries in the future, with the first projects to be launched by the end of 2018,” it said, adding that funded will be provided by European taxpayers.


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