Trump Ambassador’s Message of Goodwill to Britain Ahead of Brexit Crunch Week

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While another week of uncertainty dawns as the United Kingdom government remains unable or unwilling to execute the democratically expressed will of the British people to leave the European Union, the Trump administration has sent a message of goodwill.

Following a week of government defeats and Brexit votes which have had the impact of pushing Brexit further away from happening than before and perhaps anticipating another week of more of the same, U.S. Ambassador and President Trump’s handpicked man in London Woody Johnson wrote supportively Sunday evening.

In a message published to the Twitter platform, Ambassador Johnson — who along with his President has been a steadfast supporter of Brexit — wrote: “whatever happens, America is with you”.

Ambassador Johnson frequently speaks out in favour of Brexit and a future trade deal with the United Kingdom and has even warned against, in diplomatic language, Theresa May’s so-called Brexit deal. Breitbart London reported in December when he warned the terms of the treaty May had struck with the European Union could leave the UK unable to strike trade deals with world nations — including the U.S. — something long hailed as one of the key advantages of leaving the European Union.

President Trump slammed May’s negotiation skills in comments last week, when he strongly implied that if she’s paid attention to his advice on how to negotiate deals, things would have gone better to date.

Oliver JJ Lane is the editor of Breitbart London — Follow him on Twitter and Facebook


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