Italian Far-Left Terrorist Deported by Bolsonaro Admits to Murders

Cesare Battisti leaves the Federal Police headquarters on March 13, 2015 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Federal police in Brazil arrested the Italian extremist and writer Cesare Battisti, who was convicted of murder in his home country and has been on the run for decades. Battisti, who faces deportation, was detained …

Italian far-left terrorist Cesare Battisti has confessed to the four murders he was convicted of before he fled the country 37 years ago to escape justice.

Batistti admitted to the killings during an interrogation with public prosecutor Alberto Nobili at the Oristano prison where he is currently being held after being brought back to Italy, Il Giornale reports.

Milan prosecutor Francesco Greco announced the confession at a press conference saying “he admitted all the charges” and took responsibility for the four murders along with a series of robberies carried out on behalf of the Armed Proletarians for Communism (PAC) terror group of which he was a member.

The far-left terrorist also allegedly apologised to the families of his victims claiming that at the time he had thought of his actions as a “just war.”

“Battisti made use of his declarations of innocence to get help from far-left organisations both in France and in Brazil. In all these years he also worked a lot, he wrote four books and lots of articles and in France, he worked for a TV station,” prosecutor Nobili said.

“He made his statements a little at a time. I can’t say that it was a flooding river, but I felt that it had a liberating effect for him,” Nobili added.

Italian populist Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who had successfully campaigned and lobbied Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to extradite Battisti, reacted to the confession saying, “today, after some decades, this terrorist has apologized. Better late than never.”

“I also expect the pseudo-intellectuals of the left who have covered and defended this murderer to apologise” he added.

President Bolsonaro also weighed in saying, “For years I have denounced the protection given to this terrorist, treated here as a political exile. In the elections, I signed a commitment to send him back to Italy to pay for his crimes. The new position of Brazil is a message to the world: we will no longer be the paradise of bandits!”

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