Watch: 50-Man Migrant Mass Brawl Caught on Video in Germany

A fierce mass brawl, reportedly between 50 men of mostly Turkish and Afghan backgrounds was caught on camera at a train station in the town of Rastatt.

The incident occurred on Saturday evening at around 6 pm and saw the two factions attack each other at the train station armed with several weapons including metal poles, Badische Neueste Nachrichten reports.

Local police said that the dispute between the two groups has been ongoing for a while and that the previous day a group of young Turkish men had beaten a group of Afghan migrants with fists and bats.

Investigators say that when officers arrived on the scene, only four Afghans had stayed behind, three of them injured but none chose to pursue any formal charges against their attackers.

The Saturday brawl saw two individuals injured and one of the perpetrators was alleged to have been carrying some kind of firearm.

What caused the problems between the two groups remains unclear, police say. A spokesman said that those questioned were “more reluctant with information” and that the issue was still being investigated.

The mass brawl is just the latest involving groups of migrants in Germany, some of which have been caught on camera.

In August last year, a brawl involving around 50 men from Kurdish, Turkish, and Lebanese backgrounds was caught on video in the city of Duisberg.

While police said that between 20 to 30 had taken part in the skirmish on each side, other sources suggested the number had been even higher at 80 individuals or more.

In March 2017, another brawl took place in the town of Peine in Lower Saxony which saw a group of Syrian and Palestinian migrants clash with each other.

Later that same night more violence erupted on the streets of the town with 40 to 50 locals leaving their homes to confront the violent mob who then turned on them shouting “Allah hu Akbar.”

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